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1) If you do not have the browser plug-in Adobe Acrobat Reader ®, please click to download it now. (This is a very useful, multi-platform, free plug-in for distributing documents)

2) You should have already filled out the application form, so be sure you choose the same agreement you specified in that form.

Please select the same agreement type you previously chose on your application form:

3) If, and only if, you have received a web site acceptance letter from us, print the agreement, read it, sign and mail all 4 pages to us at:

Since we need the hard copy with your original signature for our records, we cannot accept faxes or copies... but standard mail is fine, no need to send it registered or certified -- thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

PLEASE NOTE: US Mail and especially foreign mail can take up to 1 week to reach us and a few days to process; rest assured we will send your further instructions you as soon as we receive and proccess your agreement.

If you did NOT receive a notice that your site was accepted, you may review either of these documents anyway, but please do NOT mail them in until your site's application has been ACCEPTED.


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